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Choose the correct Weather-Bos™ formula that is compatible with the existing surface. Weather-Bos™ formulas may be intermixed to acquire desired color and may be applied by any agreeable method, i.e., pre-dipping, roller or spray (low-pressure or airless). A minimum of 3 applications is recommended. Pre-dipping wood prior to construction will provide optimum protection, performance and dimensional stabilization. When applying product by spray or roller, apply liberally by flooding the surface to maximum absorption. Brushing is the least desirable method of application since it may cause uneven penetration. For best results do not apply in direct sunlight or high temperature unless a painted or varnished appearance is desired. Weather-Bos™ may be applied to a damp surface, without standing water, and in temperatures as low as 34°F (1.1°C). Roll or brush out any puddles or "runs," while constantly checking by hand the surface temperature. If the surface becomes warm and/or sticky, immediately mist or roller with water in order to help draw the product into the wood. If a painted or varnished appearance is desired apply multiple coats in temperatures above 70°F (21.1°C) and in direct sunlight.

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