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Weather-Bos™ Product Comparisons

At Weather-Bos™, the most common questions we receive from prospective customers are, "How does Weather-Bos™ compare to ABC product?" and "Are you competitive?" While these questions may be valid, the anticipated responses are not! For example, if you were to visit your local Chevrolet dealer comparing models and their cost, would you ask "How does your new Camaro compare with the Geo?" While dining out, can you imagine asking "Are you competitive with McDonalds?"

Within the retail market, it is normally accepted that there are many options for the consumer when purchasing most any product. However, within the coatings industry, the marketing strategy has skillfully created the illusion that price and name recognition determines value. By creating this illusion, many people become self-appointed experts and authorities whether selling, purchasing or applying any paint or stain. This creates a condition where the only important questions become: "How much does it cost? How long will it last? How little effort is required for application?"

Weather-Bos™ believes there are more important issues:

  1. Does the product contain ingredients which are harmful to the user, requiring registration with a government agency? (Is EPA registration required?)
    • Weather-Bos™ will never contain dangerous ingredients requiring governmental registration.
  2. How dangerous is the use of this product to the air quality of an enclosed area? (Interior work during construction or enclosed factory application.)
    • Weather-Bos™ may be used in small or large confined areas without effecting the air quality.
  3. What is the VOC level? (Some Southern California air quality district standards now require zero VOC content on coatings for commercial, industrial, and consumer use.)
    • The V.O. C. (Volatile Organic Compound) level of Weather-Bos™ complies with all California and Federal limitations.
  4. How does the aesthetic quality relate to the level of protection and performance? (Example: Will a dirty pair of Nike Air running shoes outperform a pair from K-Mart?)
    • When using Weather-Bos™, the degree of protection and performance remains high regardless of aesthetics. The base of natural oils and resins adhere to or penetrate most surfaces and are molecularly compatible, creating a monolithic bond.
  5. What is the percentage of solids vs. volatiles? (Many products contain up to 99% volatiles - remember paint thinner and water evaporate!)
    • Weather-Bos™ may contain up to 72.4% solids per vol. depending on formula.
  6. Does the product counteract the natural methods of deterioration on interior and exterior surfaces? (This would include UV protection, prevention of water staining, etc.)
    • Weather-Bos™ contain a variety of natural ingredients including sunscreens, trans-oxides and U.V. stabilizers which provide a total protection from all the natural methods of deterioration on interior and exterior surfaces.
  7. When using product ABC, is protective wear advised during application to protect the applicator? (Why is this necessary?)
    • Weather-Bos™ may be applied by any agreeable method and does not pose any harm to the user or environment.
  8. Is there ongoing research and development? (When the primary concern becomes price and name recognition, quality and performance are often of secondary consideration.)
    • Weather-Bos™ maintains a close relationship with the scientific community to continue the development of new environmentally safe non-toxic products.

In conclusion, most consumers understand you cannot compare products simply by name recognition. Likewise, it is unreasonable to compare Weather-Bos™ with a product that happens to be recognized as a result of aggressive marketing rather than long-term performance. Weather-Bos™ is committed to maintaining the development and production of products with the highest degree of performance that are environmentally safe. Weather-Bos™ will always maintain research and development programs, continually improving product performance for the ever-changing consumer needs.

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