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Deck Preparation

Power washing has gained wide acceptance as the best method of cleaning and preparing the surface of wood decking. Properly performed, there are several advantages to power washing, including savings in time and labor costs, not to mention the increased job performance. To the quality minded customer, this procedure is the most desirable method of preparing or maintaining a deck. For best results, use a minium 2500 PSI power washer on all new as well as older surfaces. Power washers with less than this capability often cause more damage to the wood than the more powerful equipment. For best results, after power washing, countersink nails and sand smooth surfaces with a minimum 10,000 o.p.m. orbital sander. For quicker results use 40 to 80 grit sandpaper to start, and 100 to 140 grit to finish. After these procedures rinse entire surface with power washer. The use of chemicals and other cleaning agents as opposed to the power washing and sanding preparation procedures described above is normally unnecessary, and often dangerous to both the user and the environment.

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