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The Boss, Log Boss, Deck Boss and Roof Boss:
Weather-Bos™ formulas have been researched and developed over many years for long-term performance by using only environmentally safe ingredients. They are not pesticides, nor are they intended for control of pests such as termites, cockroaches, weevils, spiders, etc. For prevention of damage from termites or such pests; the surface should be treated with an appropriate pesticide before application. The base of natural oils and resins adhere to or penetrate most surfaces and are molecularly compatible, creating a monolithic bond. These natural ingredients create long-term dimensional stabilization and reduce damage due to climatic conditions. The Boss, Log Boss, Deck Boss and Roof Boss contain sunscreens, trans-oxides and/or U.V. stabilizers providing U.V. protection.

Note: The formulas contain a high percentage of solids: that is the portion of the product remaining after the carriers or volatiles have evaporated. Inert ingredients are defined as those which have no lasting effect. Remember, carriers such as paint thinner and water will evaporate.

Masonry Boss: Clear and odorless requiring 1 application and designed for use on masonry as a water holdout product only.

Marine Boss: A blend of natural resins and oils containing a multiple of ingredients, providing long-term protection for marine applications.

Note: Weather-Bos™ does not contain any dangerous ingredients, such as Folpet [N (trichloromethylthio) phthalimide], Bis (tributyltin) oxide, Copper Naphthenate, Copper 8 Quinolinolate or Zinc Naphthenate. Any product having the same dangerous effects, and requiring E.P.A. registration, will not be used.

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