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Wood: Do not apply in high temperature or in direct sunlight unless a painted appearance and/or surface film is desired. For example, where a surface is hot, even though the air temperature may be lower than 80°F (26.7°C), it may be necessary to Iightly mist with water to help cool the surface temperature. As the temperature rises, it may be necessary to add water for quicker penetration, especialIy after first application. When a solid color or painted appearance is desired, it is recommended to apply in the heat of the day and in direct sunlight. If applied on tight-grained wood, which has a smooth finish as opposed to a resawn surface, the grain of the wood may raise. This condition may be corrected by additional coats or light sanding between applications. All formulas may be applied to slightly damp surfaces without standing water, however, do not apply if rain or freezing temperature is likely to occur soon after application. If this condition occurs to freshly applied product, white spots may appear; however, they will disappear when surface dries. To obtain maximum performance apply as many coats as possible. Protect surrounding area from over spray.

Metal: All surfaces must be clean and dry, apply several light applications only during the heat of day in direct sunlight.

Masonry Boss™: All surfaces must be dry before applying custom colors. When making custom colors, formula-2 clear should be used as the base with a maximum of 15% added colorant. To achieve the best results use only ap proved Weather-Bos™ colorant. To shorten drying time, apply several light applications only during the heat of the day in direct sunlight.

Before allowing to dry, quickly remove over spray from all glass and metal, as it may be mildly corrosive. Do not apply more than 1 coat within 30 days.

Marine Boss™: Must be applied on fiberglass in direct sunlightabove70°F (21.1 °C) allowing adequate drying time between applications. On teak and similar hard woods for maximum penetration, do not apply in high temperature or direct sunlight, unless a gloss finish is desired.

Note: All formulas are incompatible with solvent borne or petroleum based products and should never be inter-mixed. Take all possible precaution to prevent over-spray from occur ring. All formulas can be very difficult to remove from surfaces such as: clothing, windows, walkways, automobiles, equipment, vegetation, etc.


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