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Fire & Wood Roofing:
Typical News Media Hysteria Prevails...

Of course, post fire reports blamed wood roofs for the spread of fire and the subsequent loss of many homes. However, since the smoke has cleared rational explanations for the cause and subsequent spread of the fire have come to be known. For it has become very apparent, there is considerable blame to be shared by many. Immediately following the fire an assessment of the damage was made by independent fire personnel and roofing experts. Their conclusions were compiled in a report that was released by Phil Favro (former California State Fire Marshal) of Favro/Mclaughlin & Associates. The report states: "Where the fire damage was total, all homes including tile-roofed houses burned along with wood-roofed houses. In our opinion, those structures surviving in the center of the fire area did so by luck, and possibly due to vegetation management in the area surrounding the structure."

The types of vegetation (groves of freeze damaged Monterey Pine and Eucalyptus trees), the amount of dried vegetation in relation to the house (most had trees hanging over the roofs and brush up against the walls of the home), narrow streets which didn't allow emergency vehicles access to the area and the lack of an adequate water supply, all played major roles in allowing the fire to grow unabated.

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