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In the final analysis, the homeowner should look at the overall performance of a roofing system as a "whole," whether it be wood, asphalt, tile or whatever. Consumers should look at durability, insulation values, appearance, initial cost and cost-per-year of life expectancy, wind resistance and above all, fire protection.

Red cedar shingles and shakes, when fairly evaluated on the basis of total performance, provide one of the safest roofs in today's market.

We have learned to be very cautious of new roofing products, finding that after remaining on the market for more than five years many will experience major product defects and failure.

Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed the rise in quality of cedar shake and shingle products. While at the same time, we have not seen a corresponding rise in the quality of alternative materials of the many manufactured products that compete with cedar shakes and shingles.

Weather-Bos™ endorses both regular and fire-retardant shakes and shingles over nearly all competing alternatives and have done so for years. For the simple facts speak for themselves. Cedar roofing has been in use in this country nearly four hundred years. Wood fiber/cement products have a history of less than ten years.

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