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Projects Using Fire-Treated Shakes...

Typical of projects throughout the United States, which have fire-treated shakes or shingles, is "The Promontory", a business complex in San Luis Obispo, California.

Steve Puglisi, who was the project architect for "Richmond Rossi Montgomery Architects," stated: "Our primary problem was to build a business and professional complex on a virtually unbuildable site, and at the same time maintain the natural harmony of the environment."

We conceived it as a series of graceful shingled pyramids that would integrate easily into the sensitive site.

As design development progressed, the code requirement of a non-combustible roof jeopardized the design. Since it was the client's desire to preserve the shingle character, pressure-treated fire-retardant shingles were specified, in order to achieve the Class B roof requirement.

The cedar shingles are the perfect material to unify the project. Our primary tenant, "Pacific Gas & Electric Company," especially appreciates the environmental harmony that was attained with the design, while minimizing future maintenance requirements.

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